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“Self-Confidence and Assertive Communication” is a short-term therapy protocol recommended for people who find it difficult to express their needs or opinions in front of others. One can, for example, be afraid of showing disagreement for fear of hurting or disappointing others. In other situations, we can be reluctant to talk about ourselves and our way of seeing things for fear of being ridiculed, uninteresting or for fear of embarrassment or rejection; the mere fact of believing that we will not be heard prevents us from asking for help or a favor. Sometimes it may seem like the only way to be heard is to raise our voice and be aggressive or to invent justifications to legitimize our position. In all these circumstances, our behavior leads to harmful consequences for us such as:


* Not getting what we want


* Losing self-esteem


* A deterioration of interpersonal relationships


* Feelings of anger and mistrust towards others


* A loss of trust in others, in oneself


* Distance or rejection.


The "Self-Confidence and Assertive Communication" approach allows us to build or regain our self-confidence by learning the principles of assertive communication and by training to put them into practice. The goal is to integrate our own rights with those of others, to feel good and in harmony with ourself, and to cultivate honest and respectful relationships.


  • Participation is preceded by an evaluation and discussion to determine if this is the write approach for you.

  • This kind of approach aims at learning strategies through theoretical information, practical exercises and scenarios (role play) as well as between-sessions activities to effectively train the acquired skills.

  • Takes place over 10 to 15 sessions according to your needs.

  • Session fees include the teaching material.

  • “Self-confidence and assertive communication” is conducted in an individual or group setting. However therapeutic groups are conducted in French only.

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