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"Identifying, Understanding and Regulating Emotions" is a short-term therapy protocol for people who encounter difficulties related to their emotions. For example, one can experience anxiety, sometimes going as far as having panic attacks without understanding the origin of the problem. At times we can also have the impression of losing control and behaving in a way that we then regret, such as yelling, insulting, or hitting, without feeling like we are able to express ourselves or being heard. In other situations, we can be in the grip of great distress without being able to identify what is happening or to calm down. At other times, we can behave in a way that is harmful to us (substance abuse, overeating, taking uncalculated or extreme risks) and not being able to stop ourselves while being aware of the harm that these behaviors are causing us.


In all these situations, our emotions make us suffer and this can impact our daily life and our relationships by giving us the feeling of not having control over our life.

This kind of therapy aims to understand these emotions and the negative consequences they can generate. Learning to feel emotions, to name them, to identify their role and how they work allows us to manage them. The objective is then to grant them legitimacy and return them to their rightful place, allowing us to calmly experience a whole range of different emotions without feeling like they are taking over our lives.



  • Participation is preceded by an evaluation and discussion to determine if this is the right approach for you.

  • This kind of approach aims at learning strategies through theoretical information, practical exercises and scenarios (role play) as well as between-sessions activities to effectively train the acquired skills.

  • Takes place over 10 to 15 sessions according to your needs.

  • Session fees include the teaching material.

  • "Identifying, Understanding and Regulating Emotions" is conducted in an individual or group setting. However therapeutic groups are conducted in French only.

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